Tenova Goodfellow Delivers Clean tech Solutions for Steel

Advanced Process Control Technologies &  High Tech Equipment for Greater Profitability

Tenova Goodfellow Inc. (TGI) is a Canadian Clean tech company with locations in Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario.  We supply groundbreaking process control technologies and high-tech off-gas analysis equipment, offering an innovative and intuitive design methodology for the Electric Arc Furnace and Basic Oxygen Furnace steel making industry.

Molten metal

As the “Center of Excellence” for process control technology development within the Tenova Group of Companies, TGI is focused on delivering advanced and integrated clean tech solutions that will improve the energy efficiency for EAF, BOF steel producers.  Since the early 2000’s, our technologies and off-gas analysis equipment have achieved dramatic reductions in energy consumption and GHG emissions associated with these industries.

Incorporating real-time off-gas analysis technologies, fume system capabilities with our rugged off-gas process analyzers and state-of-the-art sensors and advanced modules, the end result provides a compelling dual advantage to our customers for hardware and software solutions that result in reduced conversion costs, improved yield and increased productivity.

Our areas of expertise involve several areas:

  1. Endpoint detection for EAF and BOF steel making using a combination of TGI’s off-gas analysis, process models and innovative sensors to improve carbon, temperature and phosphorous endpoint prediction.
  2. Chemical energy control and optimization of EAF burners, lances and injectors using our proven closed-loop control methodology that is fully integrated with the plant automation system.
  3. Automatic tapping control and Intelligent slop detection for BOF steel making to provide operators with greater opportunity to decrease tap time and variability, reducing slag carry-over, as well as mitigate slopping events using lance vibration analysis.
  4. Fume system control for improved energy efficiency, process performance and related equipment design. Using CFD Modeling, our engineering solutions evaluate performance and aid in design specifications with cost effective solutions for all related equipment and processes.
  5. Proven off-gas analysis equipment with multi-point capabilities to continuously analyze off-gas from multiple off-gas sampling locations.  Unique and innovative sensors for temperature and velocity measurement.

Visit us online at www.tenova.com to learn more about our unique engineering capabilities and innovative technologies.

Visit us online at www.nova-gas.com to inquire about our state-of-the-art gas analysis equipment and sensors.

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