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This category of gas analyzers represents a large and varied group of applications in laboratory and light industrial process environments. In the Nova perspective, ‘process applications’ have some general characteristics:

  • The gas sample is normally dry and particulate-free
  • The gas sample is non-corrosive
  • A continuous analysis of the sample is required
  • The gas sample is a simple and stable mixture of gases
  • The gas is not a combustion effluent, but is an atmosphere that is characteristic of the process itself
  • An elaborate extraction system is generally not required
  • The temperature of the gas is not extreme

Process applications tend to be low-intensity and non-industrial in nature. The analytical instruments for these applications are frequently designed with simplicity in mind. Because the sample gas is clean and dry, the sample conditioning systems can be minimized. In some cases, if the detector functionality and the sample pressure gradient allows, we can return the analyzed gas to the process.


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Some examples of process applications include:

  • Blanket gas mixtures – low oxygen in inert gas
  • Glove boxes – low oxygen in inert gas
  • Electrolysis – hydrogen / oxygen
  • Research – mixtures produced from bottled gas
  • Clean gas production & purity – various gases
  • Controlled atmospheres – carbon dioxide / oxygen


Process gas analyzer

The Nova 400 Series is designed for process applications.

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