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7900 Series Continuous Industrial Hydrogen AnalyzersAt Nova Analytical Systems, we specialize in the manufacture of industrial gas analysis and sample conditioning equipment. We offer a broad selection of products to accommodate different test gases and applications. Below we provide an overview of the types of gases our gas analyzers measure and the types of gas analyzers available.

Gas Analyzers from Nova Analytical

When choosing a gas analyzer for a testing application, the primary consideration is the type of element (e.g., a gas or a quality of a gas such as temperature) that need to be analyzed. Some units accommodate a single gas, while others can be configured as multi-gas analyzers. We manufacture gas analyzers to test the following factors:

Oxygen (O2)Our oxygen analyzers are designed to verify oxygen content in process gas, flue gas analysis, oxygen deficiency analysis, combustion air oxygen enrichment, and more. They are available in portable, continuous, hazardous location, and multi-gas models with various configurations, each of which features an electrochemical oxygen sensor component.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide (CO)Our carbon monoxide analyzers are often used in conjunction with temperature and oxygen analyzers to evaluate combustion efficiency and burner performance. They are also employed in industrial facilities where personnel may be exposed to dangerous levels of the gas. We offer electrochemical and infrared models with options for a built-in sample pump or pressure regulator to facilitate testing operations.

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Our carbon dioxide analyzers are employed in a variety of industrial applications, such as agricultural, combustion, food processing, gasification, landfill gas production, and steel-making operations. We supply infrared CO2 sensors with built-in sample pumps or pressure regulators in portable and permanent continuous models.

Methane (CH4)Our methane analyzers are utilized in landfill, biogas, and syngas applications to assess the quality and composition of gas production. They employ infrared technology to identify hydrocarbons (including methane). Advanced sensors are available that distinguish methane from other hydrocarbons, which are useful when non-methane hydrocarbons are present in significant quantities.

HydrocarbonsMethane is not the only hydrocarbon generated during industrial processes. We offer a range of portable hydrocarbon-only and multi-gas analyzers for use in syngas, exhaust, gasification, and similar applications.

Hydrogen (H2)Our hydrogen analyzers employ a thermal-conductivity detector to identify hydrogen gas, which has the highest thermal conductivity value of all elemental gases. Other gases are subtracted from the analysis to yield an accurate reading of gas composition. These analyzers are most useful in hydrogen production, syngas, and industrial applications. We also offer electrochemical sensors for spike detection in non-combustion environments.

Nitrogen oxides
Nitrogen Oxides (NO, NO2, and other NOx): Our nitrogen oxide analyzers monitor NOx levels in combustion equipment, such as boilers, furnaces, and engines, and flue gas monitoring applications. They come in portable and continuous wall-mounted models that accommodate nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other oxides of nitrogen. Units for hazardous environments are also available.

Sulfur dioxide
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2): Our sulfur dioxide and multi-gas sensors feature infrared technology to determine percent or PPM values of sulfur dioxide in process stream and heat treatment gases. They are available in continuous and portable models suitable for different applications, including hazardous environments.

Helium (He): Our helium analysis equipment is designed to analyze helium in binary gas mixtures. They are available in portable and continuous process models, both of which employ the use of thermal conductivity technology.

Chlorine (Cl2)Our chlorine analyzers come in portable (multi-gas) and wall-mounted monitoring (chlorine-only and multi-gas) models. They allow industry professionals to monitor levels in ambient air.

Hydrogen chloride
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)Our hydrogen chloride analyzers are available in continuous process (HCl-only) and portable (multi-gas) models. They are suitable for use in industrial, manufacturing, and other facilities that rely on combustive proce

LEL combustible
LEL CombustiblesThe lower explosive limit (LEL) refers to the concentration at which gas in the air becomes combustible. Our portable ambient air monitors alert facility workers when atmospheric levels near the limit to minimize the risk of explosions.

Temperature: In addition to gas level analyzers, we offer analysis equipment that monitors the temperature of gases. Typical applications for these devices include cement making, steel making, petroleum refinement, chemical production, smelting, and power generation.

VelocityIn addition to gas temperature, gas velocity is another critical factor in industrial processes. We offer non-contact optical velocity sensors to help industry professionals verify velocity levels are optimal for their operations.

What Is a Gas Analyzer?

Gas analyzers are analytical devices that measure the concentration or quality of a specific gaseous compound within a mixture of multiple gases. They are used across a wide range of industries—such as agriculture, manufacturing, and waste management—to help facility owners and managers monitor gas levels in their operations to ensure the numbers are within the acceptable range for the safety of employees and the quality of products and/processes.

Gas analyzers use many different types of sensors to generate analysis results. The four primary types of sensors are NDIR, electrochemical, dew point, and thermal conductivity.
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Types of Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers use many different types of sensors to generate analysis results. The four primary types of sensors are:

Industries Served

At Nova Analytical, we supply gas analyzers suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications. Our product selection includes:

Gas Analyzer Solutions at Nova Analytical Systems

Nova Analytical Systems is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of gas analysis equipment. Equipped with over 40 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and skills to produce reliable gas analyzers suitable for use with all common industrial emissions and byproducts.

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