Oxygen (O2) Analyzer

Oxygen Gas Analyzer Models

Our O2 sensor is of the long-life electrochemical “fuel cell” type. This sensor produces a small millivoltage output that is directly proportional to the oxygen detected. This output is then amplified and displayed on a digital readout meter and is also available as an output to your site data recorder. In some cases, we can offer PPM O2 ranges and paramagnetic O2 detectors, depending on the application.

Our analyzers can be supplied with a built-in sample pump or a pressure regulator to suit most applications. We offer portable oxygen analyzers as well as oxygen analyzers for hazardous conditions.

Several different cabinet styles are available, depending on the application.

We manufacture these oxygen gas analyzer models:

Oxygen Analysis Applications

Oxygen (O2) analysis is required in many of the industries and applications that are served by Nova Analytical Systems.

The intent of the analysis is sometimes to verify that there is low O2 content in a process. However, we can also provide O2 analyzers for combustion air O2 enrichment, flue gas analysis, oxygen deficiency analysis, and many more.

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What Is Oxygen?

Oxygen (O2) is the third-most abundant element by mass in the universe after hydrogen (H2) and helium (He). It is also the most abundant element by mass in the Earth’s crust.

For living organisms, uptake of O2 from the air is the essential purpose of breathing. Oxygen plays a critical role in cellular respiration, which is the process of converting food into energy. An adult human at rest inhales 1.8 to 2.4 grams of O2 per minute.

Approximately 100 million tonnes of O2 is extracted from the air annually for industrial purposes. The steel industry uses more than half of this amount. The process of smelting iron ore into steel requires high pressure injection of O2 into the molten steel. This removes impurities from the steel.

The remaining industrially produced O2 is used by the chemical, medical, metal-working, aerospace, and water treatment industries.

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