Rental Opportunities

Some analyzers may be rented depending on availability at Nova and suitability to your application.

Models Usually Available:

Model 380K – Portable tri-gas analyzer suitable only for atmosphere measurements in H2-cooled electric power generators. (See this page for application description.) Sometimes rented because of unscheduled generator shut-down, and customer’s own unit is found to need service. The power plant is usually the renter in this case, and the analyzer can usually be dispatched within 1week, if available.

Nova Model 380K Hydrogen Analyzer


Model 309K/WP – Portable Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide analyzer. Ranges are typically 0-25% O2 and 0-10% or 20% CO2. May be used for controlled atmosphere storage or flue gas applications (see links for application descriptions). For flue gas applications, a portable ice bath pre-cooler should also be obtained to help capture condensable moisture from the gas sample.

Nova Model 309K/WP Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyzer


Model 341JK – Portable Oxygen & Hydrogen analyzer. Ranges are 0-1000PPM (x10) / 0-25.0% O2 and 0-40.0% H2 (in N2). This type of analyzer is usually used for HNX-type metal heat treating atmospheres. The atmosphere is understood to be clean and dry, comprised of only H2 and N2. The O2 channel on the analyzer is intended to monitor the N2 purge process at furnace start-up. This analyzer will not work on atmospheres containing gases other than N2 / H2 / O2.

Nova Model 340/341 Oxygen & Hydrogen Analyzer


Model 975P – Portable Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, & Hydrogen analyzer. This is a heavy duty analyzer that is suitable for spot-checking syngas / gasification atmospheres and other similarly aggressive applications.

Portable gas analyzer NOVA Model 975P


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