Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzer

Many industrial processes require ongoing, accurate measurements of gas composition. These readings inform critical safety decisions and help technicians optimize efficiency. Oxygen measurements, for instance, are often used to set the fuel-to-air ratio in combustion processes and to identify leaks from transmission lines. Nova Analytical offers a full line of O2 analyzers to ensure facilities are always working from reliable data. Our paramagnetic O2 gas analyzers are ideal for measuring low oxygen concentrations, even in flammable, high-pressure, or high-humidity mixes.

Types of Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzers

There are many approaches to measuring O2 concentration, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unlike most gases, oxygen’s two unpaired electrons make it paramagnetic, or susceptible to magnetic fields. Paramagnetic analyzers leverage this property to detect the gas with excellent precision. The sensors in these devices are mounted or suspended within a magnetic field. Since oxygen molecules are attracted to magnets, the presence of oxygen in a sample will force the sensors out of position. The magnitude of this displacement, as measured by the current necessary to correct it, is proportional to the amount of oxygen present.

Benefits of Paramagnetic Analyzers

Paramagnetic O2 analyzers offer key advantages over other detection methods. Unlike zirconia oxygen detectors, paramagnetic sensors do not require heat and can safely be used with flammable gas mixtures. This is a significant benefit for facilities measuring potentially hazardous gases.

322 Transportable Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser

Other advantages include:

  • Compatibility with high temperatures and pressures
  • Rapid response time
  • Sensitive detection of even low oxygen content
  • Stable, long-lasting sensors require minimal maintenance or calibration

These features make paramagnetic O2 analyzers an excellent choice for clients who rely on measurements for important management decisions.

Types of Oxygen Analyzers

Different applications require different measurement regimens. The Nova Analytical catalog is diverse enough to accommodate varied schedules and constraints:

  • Portable oxygen analyzers are compact and ideal for settings without a gas analyzer installed.
  • Continuous analyzers return regular readings to immediately alert facilities to changes.
  • Oxygen deficiency analyzers alert users to the presence of oxygen when there should be none present. It is ideal for confined spaces.

Other models are tailored specifically to certain applications. For instance, Nova Analytical offers specialized analyzers for flue gas and landfill gas, among others. Our experts can help you identify a paramagnetic O2 analyzer that conforms to all of your application requirements.

Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzer Applications

O2 analysis serves an important role in many facilities. For some industrial processes, the concentration of oxygen must be strictly controlled to maintain safety and efficiency. This is true of techniques such as heat treatment and combustion, where the gas composition is critical to a technique’s success.

In other instances, the presence of any oxygen can be a cause for alarm. In gas plants or transmission lines, for instance, oxygen may indicate a leak. The same applies to facilities that store pressurized or liquefied gas. In these settings, oxygen analysis alerts employees to leaks, keeping them safe.

Finally, in some situations, the gas analysis provides important quality assurance metrics. This is common when a facility’s product should contain a set proportion of O2.

Specific applications that benefit from O2 analysis include: 412 Continuous Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

  • Steelmaking
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Landfill gas and biogas analysis
  • Heat treatment and metal finishing

The team at Nova Analytical can help you determine whether a paramagnetic analyzer is best for your process requirements.

Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzers from Nova Analytical

Nova Analytical has over 40 years of gas analysis expertise. We manufacture a full line of dependable gas analyzers suitable for use in demanding industrial environments. Our paramagnetic oxygen analyzers are engineered for maximum longevity, with sensors designed to work with minimal intervention. Whatever your application, we can match you with a durable O2 analyzer to maximize efficiency and protect employees.

To learn more about our reliable gas analyzer systems, including paramagnetic options, be sure to review our oxygen analyzer page or complete product catalog. Alternatively, our team would be happy to provide individualized guidance as you compare gas analysis systems. To get started, contact us or request a quote today.

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