Gas Analyzers for CO2 Reduction and Sustainability

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a potentially dangerous gas that can negatively impact air quality and human health, making it important to monitor for this gas and reduce it when possible. Excess carbon dioxide in the environment also contributes to climate change. At Nova Analytical Systems, we offer a range of gas analyzers that support efforts to reduce CO2.

Depending on your application’s needs, we’ll help you find the right gas analyzers to support global sustainability.

Nova Gas Analyzers for CO2 Monitoring and Reduction

We carry various gas analyzers based on our customers’ needs for CO2 monitoring and reduction.

Landfill and Biogas Recovery — 910, 920, 930 Series

For landfill and biogas recovery applications, we offer our 910, 920, and 930 series gas analyzers. Our Nova 910 series gas analyzers help recover landfill gas, which is often corrosive and aggressive but predictable enough to work with standard analyzers. Meanwhile, our 920 series analyzers work well for biogas applications, which require equipment that can handle continuous oxygen measurement. Using these gas analyzer products, our customers can benefit from improved gas identification, capture, and separation.

Syngas and H2 Production — 970 Series

We also offer syngas analyzers for various gasification applications, including H2 production. These processes require gasifiers to “cook” feedstock or fuel in conditions with low oxygen levels. Our gas analyzers facilitate the input of the right gas makeup by measuring the energy content of the gas prior to burning, allowing for optimized syngas production for many applications.

Specifically, our 970 series gas analyzers allow for continuous monitoring of syngas and H2 production, along with other gasification and industrial process gas applications.

Electrification — 436 Series

For the power generation industry, we provide a line of gas analyzers that most often find use in hydrogen applications. Electric power generators frequently require gas analysis to help maintain consistent hydrogen purity, preventing efficiency losses in these systems that could compromise power generation.

To help optimize hydrogen purity for power generation, we offer a line of 436 series tri-gas analyzers. Our customers can use these analyzers to continuously monitor hydrogen-cooled generators along with synchronous converters.

Fuel Cell Operation and Optimization — 7900/7900P Series

As fuel cells begin to phase out combustion engines as fuel sources for vehicles, gas analysis is crucial in providing in-depth insights into the performance of fuel cells. For monitoring and analyzing hydrogen gas in fuel cell operation and optimization applications, we offer our 7900P series portable gas analyzers, which analyze hydrogen and other types of gaseous elements.

CO2 Attenuation and Energy Reduction in Steelmaking (Upstream), DRI Production — 870 Series

Steel mills and other types of heavy industries often rely on conventional oxygen and electric arc furnaces for steel production. The high temperature and particulate content produced from these furnaces are often difficult to measure, but the appropriate gas analysis solutions will work for steel-making and other heavy applications.

Customers in these industries can use our 870 series analyzers to measure gases such as CO, CO2, and CH4 through the use of innovative high-stability infrared sensor technology.

Energy Optimization and Product Quality Control (Downstream) — 400 Series

If customers need gas analyzers to assist with energy optimization and quality control across their products, they can implement our 400 series clean process gas analyzers. These work in a variety of light-duty industrial and laboratory applications. For heavier-duty applications, we recommend our 800 series process gas analyzers.

Emissions Reduction — 860 Series

Through efficient combustion in furnaces, boilers, and heaters, operations can reduce the emission of flue gas and CO2. Our 860 series gas analyzers, also known as our 7200 series analyzers, continuously measure these pollutants to help our customers reduce their emissions.

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Regardless of your specific application or need for CO2 reduction to improve sustainability, we have what you need in our extensive inventory of gas analyzers. For more information about our gas analyzers and to find the right solution for your application, contact us today.

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