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TimkenSteel Chooses Tenova Goodfellow Inc. Technology

Tenova supports TimkenSteel’s safety and cost reduction program with NextGen®, iEAF® and Water Detection Technology®

TimkenSteel, Faircrest Plant – Canton, OH, US – has placed an order for Tenova’s proprietary off-gas based technology package including a NextGen® off-gas analysis system, iEAF® dynamic process control technology and Water Detection Technology®. TimkenSteel is a leading producer of carbon and alloyed steel including large diameter SBQ bars and seamless mechanical tubing. Tenova’s equipment will be installed as a fully integrated technology solution on TimkenSteel’s ca. 1 million net ingot tons per year, top charge EAF at the Faircrest Plant.

When fully implemented, the combined technologies will bring a number of operational, safety and environmental benefits including reduced energy consumption, water leak detection, increased productivity and yield and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Tenova’s technologies are designed to work in tandem to provide a complete process solution that combines leading edge hardware, fundamentally sound process control models, web based automation and the most comprehensive water detection available in the steel industry.

NextGen® is a proprietary hybrid multipoint laser/extractive off-gas analysis system that delivers exceptionally fast analytical response times, requires minimal maintenance and reduces hardware and installation costs.

iEAF® process control software to be installed at Faircrest will dynamically optimize EAF energy consumption, maximize operating cost savings and reduce power-on-time.

Water Detection Technology® uses NextGen® off-gas analysis of both H2 and H2O vapor and proprietary software and is designed to quickly detect and alert Faircrest’s operators when there are abnormally high water levels in the EAF.

TimkenSteel’s installation represents the second order for Tenova of this fully integrated solution in North America and it provides TimkenSteel with the most comprehensive technology package of off-gas based EAF process control technology available in the world.

Nova Analytical Systems (Tenova) commissions six (6) DuraNOVA Continuous Gas Analyzers for Ametek Reading Alloys Milling Plant

Mississauga (ON), November 16, 2017: In June 2017, Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit of Tenova Goodfellow Inc., received an order from Ametek Reading Alloys, a division of Ametek Specialty Metal Products, for six (6) DuraNOVA Continuous Process Oxygen Gas Analyzers. Ametek Reading Alloys is a global leader in the production of specialty powdered metals, particularly those with a titanium base. In October 2017, these six units were commissioned by NOVA field service engineers.

Titanium powder has an affinity for oxygen (O2), which creates a potential fire hazard during the powder milling operation process.  Historically, to remove the possibility of a hazard developing, an Argon blanket was introduced to provide an inert environment for this industrial application. The inert blanket of gas prevents the powder being processed from reacting with oxygen from surrounding air and sparks created by the mill. For Ametek’s powdered metals process, adding Argon to this process greatly reduced the risk of fire, however, there was still two unknowns; was the drum installed properly and was the oxygen sufficiently purged?

The objective for Ametek using DuraNOVA continuous offgas analysis was twofold: first, validation that the milled powder drum was installed and sealed properly and second, that the system was sufficiently purged of oxygen to allow the milling process to start. There was a need to continuously measure for the presence of O2 in the inert environment created by the Argon. To accomplish this, a DuraNOVA Model 810N4analyzer was installed on each of the six milling cells in the plant.  The analyzer O2 control alarm was connected to an interlock that controlled the mill and vibrating table. In this way, the cell cannot be energized until the measured O2 level in the Argon atmosphere is below the analyzer alarm setting.

The DuraNOVA continuous gas analyzer was selected for its simplicity to use, flexibility and overall ruggedness to accurately measure low oxygen concentrations in a very high dust load environment. DuraNOVA Model 810N4 meets the Class 2, Division 1, Group E area rating required for manufacturing that involves powdered metal processes. The equipment is also equipped with automatic calibration and purging functions, which will keep the equipment in a ready-state despite the batch-nature of the process.

About Ametek
Founded in 1953, Ametek Reading Alloy is a leading supplier of Titanium master alloys and highly engineered metal powders for the aerospace, medical implant, military and electronic markets. For more information visit www.reading-alloys.com.

Ametek Specialty Metal Products is a global leader in the production of metal powders, master alloys, clad metals, specialty wire products, metal strip, engineered shaped components, thermal management products, foil, and precision strip & coined parts. These materials are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, aerospace, micro-electronics, appliance, lock & hardware, telecommunications, marine, medical and general industrial.  For more information visit www.ametekmetals.com

About Tenova

Tenova, a Techint Group company, is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products, and services for the metals and mining industries providing innovative, integrated solutions for complete process areas. Tenova Group employs around 3.500 employees in 24 countries on 5 continents. For more information visit www.tenova.com

Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit of Tenova Goodfellow Inc., has designed and manufactured dependable gas analysis equipment for over 35 years. Nova offers portable gas analyzers, continuous gas analyzers and sample conditioning equipment for a diverse range of traditional and emerging combustion intensive industries in various global regions. For more information visit www.nova-gas.com

Tenova Improves EAF operations at Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.

Tenova Technologies, NextGen®, iEAF® and Water Detection exceed expected benefits in the areas of reduced operating cost, energy consumption and safety.

Mississauga, 18 September 2017 – Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc., has officially signed off on Tenova’s Water Detection System® (WDS).  The System was approved based on controlled testing and successful detection of actual EAF water leaks.

These results confirmed that the WDS met the plant’s requirements to detect and alert plant operators when higher than normal water conditions were present in the EAF.  Furthermore, the WDS has also demonstrated minimal false alarms even in Seattle’s highly variable seasonal weather conditions.

In addition, the NextGen® + i EAF® project previously commissioned in April 2016, surpassed Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.’s expectation for quantifiable and sustainable improvements in monthly process consumptions and operating costs: average monthly furnace consumptions were significantly decreased in the following areas: 5% electrical, 1.5% oxygen, 11.5% natural gas, 7.5% injected carbon and 32% charge carbon.

Complete system performance has more than doubled from the original estimated savings target determined at the start of the project with total electrical and chemical energy costs per ton of steel being reduced by over 6%.


HADEED Saudi Iron & Steel Company signs off on performance certificate for Tenova’s i DRI® technology project

Tenova’s i DRI® technology achieves demonstrated performance in the areas of yield, productivity, electrical and Power on Time (PON)

Mississauga, 2 August 2017 – Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel Company has signed a final acceptance certificate for the Tenova’s i DRI® project for the successful delivery of the Furnace Optimization System on DRI fed EAF 5 at Hadeed Plant.

The i DRI® technology project at Hadeed has demonstrated performance in the areas of 1.42% yield increase, 4.1% productivity increase, 3.23% reduction on electrical consumption and 1.6 min reduction on Power on Time (PON).

As applied to the DRI process, the models are responsible to calculate the most important parameters used by the iEAF® control modules. Working alongside the plant PLC, performance of the system was achieved through validation of several fundamental outputs, inclusive of: off-gas measurements using EFSOP® technology; a downstream analyzer; temperature and off-gas flow sensors; furnace and auxiliary service automation; process modeling for real-time mass and energy balance; chemical energy control and optimization of the oxygen lances; and DRI feed rate control.


Tenova Goodfellow Inc. (TGI) is the market leader in providing “intelligent” process control technology to the EAF and BOF steel industry.  Our breakthrough technologies are designed to reduce cost, improve yield and productivity and reduce GHG emissions.  Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit Company of TGI, design manufacturers advanced off-gas analysis equipment and innovative sensors that are applicable for a diverse range of traditional and emerging industrial markets.  Together, we provide our customers the complete package of software and hardware for all their process needs.

AISTech 2017 – Iron & Steel Conference, Another Success for Tenova

Proven Process Control Solutions for the Steel Industry

The City of Nashville, TN was rocked the week of May 8th with approximately 8,000 attendees/exhibitors at the AISTech 2017, The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exhibition.

As a supplier of off-gas equipment and technology, Tenova was present at the event as both exhibitor and contributor to the technical program with 10 technical papers for the Electric Arc Furnace and Basic Oxygen Furnace steel making industry combined.  Canadian clean tech company, Tenova Goodfellow Inc. (TGI), with locations in Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario, contributed a total of four papers.

As the “Center of Excellence” for process control technology development within the Tenova Group of Companies, TGI is focused on delivering innovative and integrated clean tech solutions that will improve the energy efficiency for EAF, BOF steelmakers and cement producers and having already achieved proven dramatic reductions in energy consumption and GHG emissions associated with these industries.

Our starting point is to exercise our innovative thinking cap to incorporate our proven real-time off-gas analysis technologies and fume system capabilities with our rugged off-gas process analyzers, state-of-the-art sensors and advanced modules, produced through our unit company, Nova Analytical Systems.  The end result provides a compelling dual advantage to our customers for hardware and software solutions that results in reduced conversion costs, improved yield and increased productivity.

Our areas of expertise involve several areas:

  1. Endpoint detection for EAF and BOF steel making using a combination of TGI’s off-gas analysis, process models and innovative sensors to improve carbon, temperature and phosphorous endpoint prediction.
  2. Chemical energy control and optimization of EAF burners, lances and injectors using our proven closed-loop control methodology that is fully integrated with the plant automation system.
  3. Automatic tapping control and Intelligent slop detection for BOF steel making to provide operators with greater opportunity to decrease tap time and variability, reducing slag carry-over, as well as mitigate slopping events using lance vibration analysis.
  4. Fume system control for improved energy efficiency, process performance and related equipment design. Using CFD Modeling, our engineering solutions evaluate performance and aid in design specifications with cost effective solutions for all related equipment and processes.
  5. Proven off-gas analysis equipment with multi-point capabilities in a single compact optical analyzer to continuously analyze off-gas from multiple off-gas sampling locations.

To view our list of papers presented at AISTech 2017,  click here.

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Portable Gas Analyzer Rentals Now Available

Reliable Portable Gas Analyzers for Your Short Term Needs

Need a dependable portable gas analyzer that you can rent?  Depending on your application, Nova Analytical has you covered and offers a range of analyzer options for rental.  Our reliable portable gas analyzers are equipped to handle the task at hand.

Here are a few portable analyzer options that are available:

  1. Tri-gas analysis suitable for atmosphere measurements in H2-cooled electric power generators,
  2. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide for use in controlled atmosphere storage or flue gas applications,
  3. Oxygen and Hydrogen for us in metal heat treating atmospheres,
  4. Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen suitable for aggressive applications such as spot-checking syngas / gasification atmospheres.

Visit our NEW web-page on possible Rental Opportunities to learn more about options available to you.

Still not sure which analyzer is right for you?  Our representatives would be pleased to speak with you regarding your need for off-gas rental equipment.  Contact us first at Nova Analytical Systems to get the best portable gas analyzer solution.


New Opportunities to Grow With Us

THESE POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED – please continue to check back on our Careers Page for new opportunities.

Tenova Goodfellow Inc., and its Unit Company Nova Analytical Systems have two positions that are currently open:


Nova Analytical Systems – Hamilton, ON


As the new Assembly and Test Technician, you will be an integral part of our final assembly team to bring high quality, durable gas analysis equipment to our customers. Successful candidates will possess a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) approach to your work.

If you enjoy a fast paced working environment, please visit our Careers web-page to see a list of full qualifications.


Tenova Goodfellow Inc. – Mississauga, ON


An HR Professional is required to administer and oversee all aspects of our Company’s HR policies and functions.  Interested candidates will have demonstrated communication skills for delivering effective flow of information to all levels of the organization.

If you have a desire to be part of an international organization, please visit our Careers page to view the full qualifications for this position.


Tenova Goodfellow Inc. and its subsidiaries are an equal opportunity employer.
We thank all applicants, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.  No phone calls please.

Climate Change and Changing Gas Analysis

This past September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Volkswagen (VW) had installed software in diesel engine cars sold in the American market to boost their emissions test results. Altogether, roughly 482,000 VW vehicles of various models, as well as Audi A3s — which are manufactured by VW — passed EPA emissions tests using this software.

Smoke and exhaustThe EPA, Environment Canada, the European Environment Agency, and other environmental protection agencies across the globe strictly control the emissions levels that vehicles are allowed to create. They do this for a number of important reasons.

Gasoline and diesel emissions are known to be dangerous to human respiratory health, can damage ecosystems and water sources, and contribute hugely to global warming and global climate change. Investment in renewable energy sources, increased conservation efforts, and purchasing low-emissions cars are all ways in which consumers seek to help counter the effects of harmful emissions and slow the impact of climate change.

The recently concluded Paris Climate Summit has brought the discussion of climate change to the international forefront again. Countries such as Canada are committing to aggressive targets — they’ve joined with a number of island nations to call for a temperature increase capped at 1.5ºC, as opposed to the 2ºC limit goal held by other nations, including the United States.

In order to achieve these ambitious targets, technology will be a key tool in helping consumers and businesses reduce their emission footprint.

Gas Analyzers for Emissions Testing

At Nova Analytical Systems, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate emissions testing. That is why we offer a portable engine exhaust analyzer, the Nova 7460 Series Portable Engine Exhaust Analyzer.

Not all fuel sources are the same, which means that not all exhaust emissions are the same. To ensure that you are testing for the correct substances, Nova 7460 can be customized to test for one or more of the following gases:7460-1gas-largepic

Our portable exhaust analyzer is a highly versatile tool that can be used on both 2 and 4 cycle engines that run on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or propane. Common vehicles such as cars, trucks, and forklifts can be tested, as can tractors, stationary engines, and more. It comes equipped with a sample probe, internal battery, and 12V DC power cable. Result output options include a receipt printer or a serial output and data software.

You don’t have to be a nation to have a positive effect on global climate change. Keeping your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, carpooling, doing all of your errands/deliveries in a single trip, looking into hybrid or electric vehicles and, of course, exhaust gas analyses are all steps you can take today to make a difference.

Gas Analysis with Nova

Nova Analytical Systems has been designing and manufacturing gas analysis equipment for industrial applications for more than 30 years. Recognized as experts in the field, our analysis equipment is renowned for its dependability, accuracy, and excellence. Nova serves a diverse range of traditional and immerging industries all over the world.

To learn more about the different analyzers Nova offers, download our “Choose a Gas Analyzer That is Right for You” eBook for free today.

Choosing A Gas Analyzer  Download our Free eBook

How to Choose a Gas Analyzer That is Right for You

For more than 30 years, we have been a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable gas analysis equipment.

Nova’s gas analyzers are renowned for their durability, ease of use and installation, reliability, and effective data creation and communication. Gas analysis is imperative in a wide range of industries in terms of each the efficient running of your processes, the quality of your products, and the safety of your employees.

More important than having a gas analyzer in your facility is making sure you have the right gas analyzer.

Choosing A Gas Analyzer Download our Free eBook

Variances in Analyzers

Industries such as steelmaking, petrochemical, synthetic and biofuel production, incineration, waste management, and power generation, among others, all have need of gas analyzers. What’s more, each industry has different gas monitoring needs. Even within a single industry, different processes or facilities can require different gas analyses.

Over time, to keep up with the constantly expanding and evolving industrial word, we have developed an expansive line of gas analyzers. Many of them are industry specific, and selecting the correct one for your application can be a daunting task.

Today, we manufacture hundreds of individual gas analyzers.

Analyzer Selection Factors

With such a large volume of different gas analyzers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start looking.

Luckily, there are a number of factors that should always be considered when selecting a gas analyzer. Working through these factors can lead you to a small handful of analyzers that could fit your application.

Gas to be Measured

The primary gas that you need to measure should, naturally, be the first factor of your decision. Different gases often require different configurations or sensors in an analyzer — attempting to measure a gas with an analyzer meant for another could lead to catastrophic consequences, making this the most important factor. Some commonly measured gasses, and some industries they’re used in, include:

  • Oxygen (O2) — metalworking, steelmaking, medical, aerospace, water treatment, etc
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) — industries that burn fossil fuels or use electric arc furnaces
  • Hydrogen (H2) — metalworking, metal heat treating, gasification

Other Materials

It is unlikely that the primarily measured gas is the only thing in the atmosphere where your gas analyzer will be located. What else is in the air? Particulate matter, moisture, and even run of the mill dust can affect the readings a gas analyzer obtains or even, potentially, damage sensors.

If you know that the operating atmosphere is likely to have contaminants of any source, you should skew your search toward Nova gas analyzers with filtering or reading correction capabilities.

Learn More

To learn more about these factors for selecting the proper gas analyzer, as well as some additional factors that you should consider, download our most recent eBook — “How to Choose a Gas Analyzer That is Right for You” is available for free.

Choosing A Gas Analyzer Download our Free eBook

New at Nova Now

Nova Analytical Systems is a part of the Tenova Group of Companies. For almost 40 years, we have been designing and manufacturing continuous and portable gas analyzers with integrated sample conditioning equipment for industrial applications.