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At Nova Analytical Systems, we believe that knowledge is power.  For over 30 years we have empowered our customers by delivering great off-gas analysis equipment, exceptional customer service support and timely information that you can use to improve your specific process.

Our vast product line is suitable for a wide range of industrial processes and our qualified sales team are skilled professionals that think out of the box to ensure your process runs smoothly.

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We want to remind you of the great advantages that Nova Analytical Systems can offer in your particular industry, please see our headlines below to get re-acquainted with Nova as your off-gas analysis specialist and how our multi-faceted line of analyzers can bring value to your process.

  • Landfill gas caused by the breakdown of organic materials can present a significant hazard as an explosion risk and can be damaging to the environment.
  • Biogas produced from the breakdown of organic matter through anaerobic digestion is typically high in combustible content.
  • Power Generation & Hydrogen Purity maintaining H2 purity will help avoid heat build-up that can cause damage to electric power generators, resulting in dorformity and lost efficiency.
  • Heat-Treating & Metal Finishing production requires monitoring for atmosphere, flue gases and ambient air for safety purposes.
  • Syngas Production using a gasifier as a source of energy will require gas analysis to help determine the energy content
    of the gas before it is burned to optimize the heating value of the gas produced.
  • Steel Making processes, whether BOF or EAF, requires reliable off-gas measuring to optimize chemical energy and post-combustion within the furnace.
  • Oil & Gas (Petrochemical) is a wide ranging industry with many processes and applications such as marine vapor recovery.  Nova’s analyzer solution is a dual-cabinet system with continuous redundant O2 measurement providing greater validity to the sample.

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