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Tenova SpA, based in Castellanza, Italy, is a world-wide supplier of advanced technologies, products and services for the metal and mining industries providing innovative integrated solutions.

By combining process automation and metallurgical know-how, enhanced value is delivered to the customer. Tenova is committed to develop technology in the areas that most impact the future of the industries it serves: quality of products delivered by the customers, energy savings and benefits including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Tenova is further committed to develop its technology in the areas that greatly impact the future of the industries it serves: quality of the products delivered to the customer, energy saving, and effective pollution reduction. Skilled engineers and technicians are the backbone of a network of more than 30 operative companies located on five continents. Tenova engineers and technicians are fully operative and close to the customer for technological support with real time service and short time delivery. We are a network of people that share passion for innovation and are committed to transforming ideas into real solutions.

Tenova SpA, acquired the Goodfellow EFSOP® technology business in November 2004. The acquisition of EFSOP® technology enhanced the existing Tenova product lines which included the patented KT Chemical Injection System and the TDRH Digital Electrode Regulation to provide an integrated technology package that created an innovative technical platform to develop a holistic approach for EAF steelmaking.


Tenova Goodfellow Inc. (TGI) a Canadian incorporated company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, and is the “Centre of Excellence” for process control technology development within the Tenova Group of Companies. Technological innovation is the main pillar of Tenova Goodfellow’s competitive strategy which is focused on delivering innovative and integrated clean tech solutions that will improve the energy efficiency of our customers. TGI is the world leader in providing clean process control technology to combustion intensive industries such as steel and cement and has achieved dramatic reductions in energy consumption and GHG emissions associated with these industries. Innovative breakthrough continues to be the cornerstone of Tenova Goodfellow with advanced process systems for the EAF, BOF steelmaking and Cement industries.

The original Canadian technology known as Goodfellow EFSOP® was pioneered specifically for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking. The concept for this cutting-edge technology began in 1996 under the direction of Dr. Goodfellow. As an established expert in the ventilation, air pollution control and air quality areas and process combustion field, Dr. Goodfellow lead the way in breaking new ground to see that dangerous environmental emissions were a by-product of the steelmaking industry and as a result, set forth a plan in motion to try to help alleviate the problem.


Initially, this Canadian technology was developed primarily as an environmental application with funding from Natural Resources Canada (CANMET) and the Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy (MOEE) and in cooperation with industrial partner Co-steel Lasco in Whitby, ON (now Gerdau Ameristeel Whitby) to foster the development of this innovative off-gas sampling and combustion optimization program for the EAF steelmaking industry. This partnership eventually became the catalyst for commercialization of the EFSOP® technology on the EAF by demonstrating not only positive environmental gains but also significant operational and financial benefits.

The proprietary EFSOP® system was developed as a result of a Scientific Research and Experimental Program that was undertaken between 1996-98 to develop an innovative sampling and combustion optimization program. The challenge was to provide continuous off-gas chemistry measurements that could be used to develop a robust and reliable sampling and analysis system capable of surviving in the harsh steelmaking environment without excessive maintenance.


In 2001-2002, as part of the Technology Roadmap Program of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the EFSOP® system was installed on an EAF at the Timken Company in Canton, OH. This leading-edge research program compared the effectiveness of off-gas analysis by emerging optical sensors to measurements based on gas sample extraction using the EFSOP® platform.

Based on a detailed analysis of process performance from current installations to date, the commercialization of EFSOP® has cumulatively lowered green house gas emissions by over 500,000 tonnes (or 18%) and reduced electricity consumption by over 300,000 megawatt hours (or 29 kWh per tonne). Further, these environmental benefits are escalating exponentially as the rate of EFSOP® installations continues to grow. The hallmark of the EFSOP® technology is the exceptional return on investment and rapid payback demonstrated in every single installation.


Tenova Goodfellow Inc. has received numerous awards for the development and achievements of the EFSOP® technology, including:

  • 1992 – Canada Awards for Business Excellence (CABE) in the Environment field for the development of a computer program for the design of specialized air pollution control systems
  • 1998 – Financial Post Environment Award for Business
  • 1999 – Canada National Energy Efficiency Award – Category Industry – Tier II Process
  • 1999 – Canadian Consulting Engineer – Award of Merit for the complete installation of two EFSOP® systems at Thamesteel Sheerness (formerly ASW Sheerness UK)
  • 2000 – R&D 100 Award, awarded to the top 100 most technologically significant new products and processes of the year
  • 2007 – Mississauga Board of Trade, Technology Award for new and technological innovation
  • 2007 – Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award of Excellence for achieving substantial economic savings and increased environmental and safety benefits at Topy Kogyo, Toyohashi Factory Japan
  • 2009 – Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award of Excellence for iEAF®, achieving dynamic EAF Control at TenarisDalmine Italy that saw reductions in conversion costs and significant CO2 emissions through decreased methane consumption
  • 2011 – Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award of Excellence for iBOF®, Slop Detection System (SDS) technology on five BOF vessels at Riva ILVA, Taranto Italy.  Accurate slop prediction using lance vibration analysis in real-time was a critical tool that resulted in increased yield and productivity and reduced operating costs

Here are a few aspects of Tenova Goodfellow’s expertise:

EFSOP®: The Expert Furnace System Optimization Process measures and analyzes off-gases (CO, CO2, O2 and H2) continuously at the fourth hole to dynamically control and improve the steel-making process.

iEAF®: Benefits of the Intelligent EAF model include lower conversion costs, increased productivity, improvements in steel quality, environmental benefits and improved safety. Off-gas composition measurements are utilized to ascertain important information such as resolving mass and energy balance of the gas phase, bath/slag for EAF.

iBOF®: Breakthrough technology designed to reduce operating costs by lowering tap alloy additions, refractory consumption and oxygen use; increasing yield, productivity and scrap-melting capability and reducing GHG emissions.

NextGen®: A hybrid laser/extractive off-gas analysis technology using a single compact optical analyzer to continuously analyze off-gas from multiple off-gas sampling locations.  NextGen® provides the most complete full spectrum off-gas analysis CO, CO2, O2, H2 and H2O vapor representing the most comprehensive water detection technology available on the market.

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