Nova Analytical launches new line of reliable portable gas analyzers

The Next Generation for Portable Gas Analysis is NovaNOW

Continuing on a 40 year tradition of quality and reliability, Nova Analytical Systems is pleased to announce our new family of portable gas analyzers, NovaNOW.

This analyzer family is built upon proven technologies and techniques that carry the same rugged reliability, but configured into half the size and weight.  Also, incorporated into NovaNOW are many new features that complement our tried and true original features that have made Nova Analytical a chosen choice for portable analysis.

Our portables are suitable for a wide range of industries such as flue gas and engine exhaust measurement, heat treating atmosphere and ambient air monitoring. as well as for commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Designed for accuracy, inquire about your NovaNOW today!  Learn more by watching our video.

Our experts at Nova Analytical Systems are ready to answer any questions you have about our NovaNOW portables.  Click here to receive more information.

Have additional questions about process gas monitoring or how to improve your process efficiency using off-gas analysis?  Please feel free to contact us.


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