DuraNova Continuous Gas Analysis for Process Industries

Nova Analytical Systems is uniquely positioned to offer quality off-gas analysis to a wide range of process industries such as landfill, biogas, syngas, steel making, process atmosphere and smelting.  Our mission for over 30 years is to provide high-tech continuous gas analysis that is reliable, innovative and relative to your process gas needs.Process Gas Analysis

In our new product guide, Dependable Gas Analysis with DuraNOVA Continuous Gas Solutions, we outline our continuous gas analysis capabilities that offer a complete turnkey solution that combines superior technology housed in robust equipment.  Our newest feature, “multi-point capability” provides even more options for maximum flexibility for real-time analysis.

The DuraNOVA line of continuous off-gas analyzers offers all combinations of gases and ranges to meet your engineering specification by combining:

  1. Smart Sensors – reliable sensor technologies that are precision heated and temperature controlled
  2. Smart Modules – combine the best of digital and analog to maximize analytical capability
  3. Smart Controls – offering uncomplicated calibration that are intuitive to use and for help when troubleshooting or doing preventative maintenance

Built on our heavy duty platform, the DuraNOVA design philosophy includes turnkey sample conditioning, gas analysis, environmental management and data communication all centrally located in one wall mounted cabinet.

Introducing the idea of “proactive” maintenance, an alert frequency can be configured by the end user that will send a maintenance alert to the control room when preventative maintenance on the analyzer is required.  In the event of downtime, troubleshooting becomes a breeze with our touchscreen displays which display all diagnostic alarms inclusive of troubleshooting guides to get the equipment back up and running quickly.

Our goal is to offer the best-in-class  100% turnkey solutions that integrate sensors, sample conditioning and controls. For all your continuous process gas needs, look no further than DuraNOVA.

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When choosing your next continuous off-gas analyzer solution, click here or on the download button above to learn more about our new DuraNOVA product line, by downloading our product guide.

Find out more about Nova’s continuous gas analyzers, or to request a custom quote, contact us today.

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