Gas Analyzers by Type

Nova gas analyzers are available in a number of different formats and cabinet styles depending on the application and needs of the customer. Below are a few examples. Follow the links to learn more.

portable analyzer

Portable Analyzers

Many different kinds of portable gas analyzers are available from Nova. Various cabinet styles and gas measurement capabilities to choose from, depending on your application.
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continuous flue gas analyzer

Continuous Analyzers

Many different kinds of continuous analyzers are available from Nova. Cabinet style and sample conditioning options will depend on the requirements of the application and the site conditions.
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Hazardous Area Analyzers

Analyzers that are suitable for installation in hazardous areas are available from Nova. Explosion-proof or purge style cabinets available depending on the requirements of the site and on the configuration of the gas analysis technologies used.
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Ambient Air Monitors

Ambient air quality monitors are also available from Nova. These generally measure the diffuse air around the cabinet. Various alert / alarm options also available.
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Sample Conditioning Options

Gas samples generally require some form of sample conditioning before they are suitable for gas measurement. Some portable and continuous gas analyzers have built-in sample conditioning; others have options available for external conditioning.
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Special Applications and Analyzer Design Ideas

Sometimes we develop special designs in response to specific applications or projects that we have worked on. The basic ideas from some of these unique projects can be made available as integrated features in other analyzer designs.
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