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On this page, we will periodically post information about gas analyzers that are not shown in our catalog. These analyzers have been developed in response to special applications or projects that we have worked on.

Your application may have some similarity to one of the items shown below. Or your application may have no similarity to anything shown on our website or catalog at all. In either case, you are welcome to contact us with your inquiry.

Oxygen Analysis PPM / Percent

Dec 2013 – In some processes, O2 content is a critical factor. The process atmosphere may vary widely between start-up and in-operation. Sometimes the process cannot be started until the O2 is purged down to ppm levels – an O2 analyzer is usually required to verify this condition. Some heat treating atmospheres and some types of glass-making fit this description.

Electrochemical sensors are a reliable and economical way to measure O2 at ppm and percent levels. However, these two levels require different sensors, and the ppm O2 sensor cannot be exposed to percent O2.

Challenge – measure percent O2 and ppmO2 in the same process using different sensors, without exposing the ppmO2 sensor to percent O2 levels.

Solution – We achieve this requirement by using the percent channel as the ‘controller’ to activate or deactivate the ppm channel. During deactivation, solenoid valves trap ppmO2 gas in the ppm channel to avoid exposure to high O2.


As the O2 level comes down, the ppm channel is activated and an LED indicator light illuminates. The ppm channel can be protected automatically or manually depending on the customer’s preference.

Contact us about dual range ppm / % O2 measurement.

Dual Background Hydrogen Analysis

Dec 2013 – Hydrogen is a significant capability that Nova has developed over the years. It is an important gas that has a presence or a role in many applications. One challenge in measuring H2 by thermal-conductivity detectors is the interference effect that other gases have on its accurate measurement. Some gases will increase the H2 reading, and others will decrease it.

We had an application recently that required H2 measurement in the presence of two carrier gases. On some occasions, the carrier was nitrogen; other occasions, it was methane.

Challenge – provide an instrument that allows measurement of H2 without analytical interference under two separate background gas conditions.

Solution – thermal-conductivity analyzer with two switch-selectable ranges; one for each background.

Range 1: 0 – 100 % H2 in N2

Range 2: 0 – 100 % H2 in CH4


This analyzer also had a receipt printer and a serial output with data-logging software.

Contact us about H2 measurement.

Three-Channel Carbon Dioxide Analysis

Jan 2014 – People who research fire suppression systems are frequently interested in carbon dioxide (CO2) analysis. They may be using CO2 to blanket an area to stifle a fire. Or they may be burning something in a controlled environment and want to observe the effects.

Challenge – Different concentrations of gas may stratify at different levels in an enclosed area. Can we provide an instrument to simultaneously measure the CO2 levels at multiple sample points?

Solution – In the past we have produced CO2 analyzers with three entirely separate CO2 channels. This allows the users to get a picture of what CO2 levels are developing at different elevations in the space.

For this application, we have typically used our Model 302 Portable CO2 Analyzer and modified it to essentially result in a 3-in-1 analyzer.


There are 3 separate SAMPLE-IN ports, pumps, flow meters, detectors, displays, and all other parts required to give 3 discrete measurements.

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Sample Conditioning

Jan 2014 – For information about sample conditioning options for portable and continuous analyzers, go here.

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