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5-Gas AnalyzerNova Analytical’s 5-Gas Analyzer is specially engineered to help users monitor engine exhaust emissions for everything from diesel and gasoline engines to propane and natural gas engines. Their compact and portable design allows you to provide on-the-spot analysis of emissions in virtually any setting with exceptional speed and efficiency. The Nova 5-Gas Analyzer can be used to monitor CO, CO2, HC, O2, NOx, and can also be easily configured to detect sulfur dioxide (SO2).

The Nova 5-Gas Analyzer offers highly accurate results and detailed analysis of the gas composition of engine exhaust. It incorporates highly sensitive electrochemical sensors that quickly detect O2, CO, NO, NO2, and SO2 presence in the exhaust sample. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can rely on the Nova 5-Gas Analyzer to provide speedy, consistent analysis for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The analyzer can even be used while it is recharging, so you never have to worry about downtime.

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Features of the Nova 5-Gas Analyzer

Created for convenience and superior dependability, the Nova 5-Gas Analyzer features:

  • Enhanced Portability. 65% smaller and 50% lighter than the traditional Nova but features the same easy-to-use design
  • Speed and Accuracy. Quick warmup time and highly accurate results
  • Durability and Ease of Use. Durable rugged touch-screen display for easy gas readings
  • Solid State Infrared Detectors. Analyze the percentage of CO(%), CO2, and hydrocarbons (HCs) in your sample
  • Electrochemical Sensors. Advanced sensors for O2, CO(ppm), NO, NO2, and SO2 detection
  • Rechargeable battery. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 8 hours of use and can easily be recharged from a vehicle or AC adapter
  • Fully Equipped. Each comes with a sample filter as well as a flexible sample probe that includes a 12-foot-long hose, built-in sample pump, and automatic condensate removal
  • Advanced Logging. Cutting edge data logging using local USB allows for the creation of CSV files for each sample
  • Troubleshooting. Includes pre-programmed troubleshooting prompts
  • Quality Standards. Designed to meet and exceed Bar 97 and ISO 39 standards

Applications of a 5-Gas Analyzer

Most 5-gas analyzers are used for automotive engine emissions testing. Automotive 5-gas analyzers allow automotive manufacturers, industrial facilities, and inspectors to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent emissions standards. Applications that benefit from the Nova 5-Gas Analyzer include:

  • Commercial vehicle emission measurement
  • Engines used in biogas and landfill operations
  • Car or truck engine emission measurement
  • Tractor engine emission measurement
  • Forklift engine emission measurement
  • Heavy equipment emission measurement

What Sensor Types Are Used in a 5-Gas Analyzer?

The Nova 5-Gas Analyzer uses the latest sensor technology to provide superior results with exceptional speed. Our state-of-the-art design incorporates both electrochemical and infrared sensors to provide in-depth elemental analysis of a variety of emissions.

Electrochemical Sensors

Electrochemical sensors are used to monitor the concentration of O2, CO(ppm), NO, NO2, and SO2 in a gas sample. The gas sample is exposed to an electrical current, which causes a chemical reaction. The reaction releases a positive or negative charge that can be detected via sensors and analyzed to determine the content of the sample.

Infrared Sensors

Infrared gas sensors are used to measure the presence of hydrocarbons, CO(%), and CO2 in a sample. A beam of infrared light is directed through the gas sample onto a sensor. Certain molecules in the sample absorb infrared energy. The sensor detects the infrared energy and analyzes the amount of energy lost to determine the amount of hydrocarbon, CO, and CO2 in the emission.

Advanced Gas Analyzers by Nova Analytical Systems

The Nova 5-Gas Analyzer is a lightweight, compact system designed to provide exceptionally accurate analysis of emissions in a variety of applications. Learn more about our 5-Gas Analyzers here, or check out our other engine exhaust monitoring solutions to find the perfect analyzer for your needs. You can also request a quote, and our seasoned experts will help you find the perfect monitoring solution.

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