Continuous Gas Analyzers

Continuous gas analyzers comprise a significant portion of the Nova Analytical product line. These types of instruments are generally used for continuous gas analysis of an individual sample point in a facility.

Because these analyzers are intended for permanent exposure to the sample gas, they must be equipped with suitable sample conditioning components. This means that continuous analyzers are bigger than portable analyzers, and they are almost always permanently mounted to a wall or other vertical surface.

Cabinet Styles

Continuous Analyzer Cabinets

a) NEMA 4 (N4) – This is our most popular style of cabinet. It is very strong and is made of powder-coated steel. This is a vertical-mount cabinet that is considered to be weather-proof. The cabinet door has a window and a tight-fitting seal that ensures cabinet integrity against ingress of dust or moisture. A panel behind the door window contains the display(s), controls, fuse(s), and any other relevant components. The interior panel can swing out to allow access to the internal components.

b) NEMA 4X (N4X) – This cabinet is very similar to the N4 cabinet except that the materials of construction make it stronger and more corrosion-proof. In most product lines, we offer a stainless steel N4X option. Projects located in industrial settings generally utilize this cabinet. In some product lines, we offer a reinforced fibreglass N4X option.

c) NEMA 12 Dust-tight fibreglass (N12) – This cabinet is only offered in our air quality monitor product lines. The door opens to allow access to the internal components. The door contains the displays and alarm lights. This cabinet is also frequently offered with audible and visual alerts. (If air quality monitoring is required on an industrial site, we substitute the NEMA 12 cabinet for the NEMA 4 or 4X.)

d) Rack mount (RM) – The rack mount cabinet is offered on only a few of our products intended for the process applications. The internal shape and dimensions of the cabinet limit the type and amount of sample conditioning components.

e) Explosion Proof (N7MC) – Some applications require that the analyzer have an explosion-proof cabinet. Due to size constraints of the ex-proof cabinets we use, these analyzers are usually suitable for analysis of only one gas in a sample that is clean and dry. Here is some more information on the analyzer options for hazardous areas.

Particulate Filtration

For some continuous applications that have particulate or soot in the sample gas, it is important to filter the gas at the extraction point. The Nova Model 7240 provides this function. It mounts at the stack or duct and is usually controlled by the analyzer. The filter system uses a blast (or ‘blow-back’) of nitrogen or compressed air to periodically clear the filter element and the probe. The frequency and duration of the blowback can be easily programmed by the user. The basic configuration of the system looks like this:

Flue Gas Analyzer diagram

For information about sample conditioning options for portable and continuous analyzers, go here.

We have continuous gas analyzers for:

Nova Continuous Gas Analyzers

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