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With the vast stores of information on the web, it’s reassuring to find resources that highlight the brightest talent and the most advanced technologies. Engineering.com is a shining example, providing engineers and designers around the world with stories about companies that explore new horizons of quality and innovation.

We are proud to be featured in an article on Engineering.com focusing on the role industrial gas analysis and sample conditioning equipment play in the industry. The article highlights gas analyzer applications’ enhancement of our customers’ efficiency, timeliness, and plant safety.

NovaEssential for Heavy Industry — and Baking?

You will learn in this article about how gas analyzers helped a company whose primary products are hot dog buns. Baking may seem like a straightforward application, but measuring chemicals inside industrial ovens requires some of the most rugged and accurate equipment available.

Bakeries emit CO2 and other gases that can inhibit accurate readings. This article shows how the right equipment can provide analysis at the highest levels of accuracy — even in the grueling environment of industrial ovens.

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Environmental Measurement

Engineers who are purchasing new gas analysis equipment face a difficult task: determining which model will safely, repeatably, and accurately measure the required elements for their specific application.

This article details how the most important factor in gas analysis is the environment of the application, including which gases need to be measured, what other elements are present, and the location of the analyzer.

Maintenance and Repair

For most environments that require gas analysis, corrosion is a cause for concern. Over time, corrosive, high temperature conditions may inhibit the accuracy of analyzers and contribute to their possible early failure.

By consulting this article on Engineering.com, industry professionals will learn how a well-designed piece of analyzing equipment not only lasts longer, but can allow for easy troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance — ensuring maximum accuracy and longevity.

See For Yourself

At Nova Analytical Systems, we offer fully customizable gas analysis solutions for virtually every industry. To learn about all the above and more, take a look at our feature article on Engineering.com.

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