Climate Change and Changing Gas Analysis

This past September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Volkswagen (VW) had installed software in diesel engine cars sold in the American market to boost their emissions test results. Altogether, roughly 482,000 VW vehicles of various models, as well as Audi A3s — which are manufactured by VW — passed EPA emissions tests using this software.

Smoke and ExhaustThe EPA, Environment Canada, the European Environment Agency, and other environmental protection agencies across the globe strictly control the emissions levels that vehicles are allowed to create. They do this for a number of important reasons.

Gasoline and diesel emissions are known to be dangerous to human respiratory health, can damage ecosystems and water sources, and contribute hugely to global warming and global climate change. Investment in renewable energy sources, increased conservation efforts, and purchasing low-emissions cars are all ways in which consumers seek to help counter the effects of harmful emissions and slow the impact of climate change.

The recently concluded Paris Climate Summit has brought the discussion of climate change to the international forefront again. Countries such as Canada are committing to aggressive targets — they’ve joined with a number of island nations to call for a temperature increase capped at 1.5ºC, as opposed to the 2ºC limit goal held by other nations, including the United States.

In order to achieve these ambitious targets, technology will be a key tool in helping consumers and businesses reduce their emission footprint.

Gas Analyzers for Emissions Testing

At Nova Analytical Systems, we understand the importance of reliable and accurate emissions testing. That is why we offer a portable engine exhaust analyzer, the Nova 7460 Series Portable Engine Exhaust Analyzer.

Not all fuel sources are the same, which means that not all exhaust emissions are the same. To ensure that you are testing for the correct substances, Nova 7460 can be customized to test for one or more of the following gases:Largepic

Our portable exhaust analyzer is a highly versatile tool that can be used on both 2 and 4 cycle engines that run on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or propane. Common vehicles such as cars, trucks, and forklifts can be tested, as can tractors, stationary engines, and more. It comes equipped with a sample probe, internal battery, and 12V DC power cable. Result output options include a receipt printer or a serial output and data software.

You don’t have to be a nation to have a positive effect on global climate change. Keeping your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, carpooling, doing all of your errands/deliveries in a single trip, looking into hybrid or electric vehicles and, of course, exhaust gas analyses are all steps you can take today to make a difference.

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Gas Analysis with Nova

Nova Analytical Systems has been designing and manufacturing gas analysis equipment for industrial applications for more than 30 years. Recognized as experts in the field, our analysis equipment is renowned for its dependability, accuracy, and excellence. Nova serves a diverse range of traditional and immerging industries all over the world.

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