NOVA 5300 Series Portable Flue Gas Analyzers

Portable flue gas analyzer

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The Nova 5300 Series Portable Flue Gas analyzer is built on the NovaNOW next generation rugged portable platform. This series has been designed for accuracy, reliability, ease of use and ease of service, providing a detailed spot-check analysis of flue gas composition.

The 5300 uses customer-replaceable electrochemical sensors that respond quickly to the O2, CO, NO, NO2, and SO2 present in the flue gas sample. The O2 sensor life expectancy is typically 3-4 years. The CO, NO, NO2, and SO2 sensor life is typically 2-3 years. The infrared CO2 sensor should not need to be replaced under normal conditions of use.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery provides enough power for about 8 hours of continuous operation and the analyzer can be used while it is being recharged. The 5300 series case is small but rugged and dust & water resistant when closed. Stack temperature measurement and built-in printer that also shows date & time are optionally available on any model.


Physical Specifications

Different specs of a portable gas analyzer


Gases Measured:  Customer replaceable electrochemical O2, CO, SO2, NO, & NO2 sensors; Solid state infrared detector for CO2

Ranges Available:

0-25.0% O2
0-20.0% CO2
0-200 up to 0-9999 PPM CO
0-200 up to 0-5000 PPM NO
0-200 up to 0-800 PPM NO2
0-200 up to 0-2000 PPM SO2
32-1800°F (0-1000 °C) net stack temperature

Resolution:  0.1% on percent ranges; 1 PPM on PPM ranges; 1°F (1°C) stack temperature

Accuracy:  ±1-2% of full scale

Drift:  < 2% full scale per 8 hours of continuous operation

Response Time (T-90):  < 30 seconds for 90% of O2, CO, CO2 and SO2, < 60 seconds for 90% NO and NO2

Ambient Temperature Ranges:  0 to 50°C (32° to 122°F)

Linearity:  ±1% of full scale for each gas measured

Size and Weight:  approx. 26 x 18 x 13 cm @ 3.4 kg (10″ x 7″ x 5″ @ 7.5lbs)

Power:  12V battery operation. 115VAC 60Hz for recharging (220VAC 50Hz available)

Output options:  CSV log files written to USB memory stick


5300FG Family

Various models within the 5300FG family are available.

  • 5301-A: O2 only
  • 5301-B: CO only
  • 5301-C: CO2 only
  • 5301-D: NO only
  • 5302-A: O2 & CO
  • 5303-A: O2, CO, & NO
  • 5303-B: O2, CO2, & CO
  • 5304-A: O2, CO2, CO, & NO
  • 5304-B: O2, CO, NO, & SO2
  • 5305-A: O2, CO2, CO, NO, & SO2
  • 5306-A: O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, & SO2


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