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Our best-known gas analyzer for power generators is the Model 380K Tri-Gas Analyzer. We sometimes also refer to this as the 380K Hydrogen Purity Analyzer. This analyzer is specifically designed to analyze the atmosphere inside of a hydrogen-cooled power generator during purity and purge modes.

The Nova 380 Series Tri-Gas A nalyzer is designed for monitoring the H2 purity inside a power generator and to monitor the purging procedure during a generator shutdown or startup. The analyzer contains a temperature compensated thermal conductivity (T/C) cell, amplifier board, digital readout, range switch, pressure regulator, gas flow control valve, pump and a flow indicator. A recorder output is optional. The T/C cell does not burn the sample nor is it consumed in any way, so it has a typical life expectancy of over 10 years. Measurement results are fast and accurate. A rechargeable battery provides enough power for about 8 hours of continuous operation and the analyzer can be used while it is being recharged.

The best way to monitor the gases in a generator is to use a gas analyzer system with the following ranges:

Generator Purity Mode
Range 1: 0 – 100.0 % H2 in Air

Generator Purge Mode
Range 2: 0-100% H2 in CO2
Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2

To perform maintenance work in the generator enclosure, the H2 must be purged out with CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas. The CO2 must then be purged out with breathable air. When the maintenance work is complete, the same purge procedure is performed, but in reverse.

The Nova 380 Series is used worldwide by many power generation companies and facilities. It has built-in switch-selectable digital display, sample pump, regulator, flow control assembly, liquid block, filter and flow meter.

Physical Specifications

Close up specs of a portable analyzer


Method of Detection:  Temperature compensated thermal conductivity (T/C) cell

Ranges Available:  Range 1: 0-100% H2 in Air; Range 2: 0-100% H2 in CO2; Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2

Resolution:  0.1% of gas measured

Accuracy and Repeatability:  Range 1: ± 1% of Full Scale; Range 2: ± 2% of F.S.; Range 3: ± 2% of F.S.

Drift:  H2 in CO2 or Air in CO2, ± 2% F.S. per week maximum drift, 0-100% H2 in Air range is ± 0.4% per week maximum

Response Time (T-90):  10-15 seconds to 90% step change – not including sample transport time

Ambient Temperature Range:  0-50°C (32-120°F)

Linearity:  ± 1.0% of F.S. on H2 in Air range. ± 2% of F.S. in H2 or Air in CO2 ranges

Size and Weight:  Approx. 9½” L x 7″ W x 6½” H @ 8 lbs (24 x 17 x 18 cm @ 3.6 kg)

Power:  115VAC 60Hz for recharging (220VAC 50Hz available)

Output Options:  4-20mA


380K Family

There is now a 380K family of instruments with variations on the theme of generator analysis.

Model 381K – For generators that are purged with Nitrogen (N2) instead of CO2.

Range 1: 0-100% H2 in air
Range 2: 0-100% H2 in N2
Range 3: 0-100% Air in N2
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Model 382K – For generators that are purged with CO2, but where a separate and simultaneous display of O2 is also required.

Range 1: 0-100% H2 in Air
Range 2: 0-100% H2 in CO2
Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2
Separate Range: 0-25.0 % O2
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Additional Information

  • Here is a blog post to read about the simple calibration procedure for this instrument.
  • If you are a power plant operator and you need a quote for this instrument, you can request a quote or view our product catalog. Be sure to let us know which power company and what site you are from.
  • Here is a short Nova YouTube video that shows this instrument in operation.

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