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About Nova Analytical Systems

About Nova Analytical Systems

Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit of Tenova Goodfellow Inc., has been designing and manufacturing dependable gas analysis equipment for over 30 years. Nova offers portable gas analyzers, continuous gas analyzers and sample conditioning equipment for industrial applications. We serve a diverse range of traditional and emerging industries all over the world.

Our integrated approach to design and manufacturing allows us to configure our products to suit each application, while still being able to offer the best price, long-term reliability and proven technology in each analyzer. We back up our products with excellent, prompt service.

With our inclusion into the Tenova Group of Companies, Nova Analytical Systems gains international presence as a key player worldwide for gas monitors and analyzers for industrial application.

For more information on Tenova Goodfellow, please visit our Tenova landing page.

For more information on the Tenova Group of Companies, please visit: www.tenovagroup.com.

Nova Company Information

Business Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST Mon-Fri

270 Sherman Avenue N.
Hamilton, ON
L8L 6N5

United States
1925 Pine Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY
Phone: (905) 545 2003 (716) 285-0418
Fax: (905) 545 4248 (716) 282-2937
Toll Free: (800) 295 3771
E-mail: sales@nova-gas.com or websales@nova-gas.com


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Application Pages

Here are a few links to our gas analyzer application pages:

Heat Treat Analyzers Flue Gas Analyzers Ambient Air and Air Quality Monitors Landfill Gas Analyzers
Power Generation Analyzers Process Gas Analyzers Syngas and Gasificaton Analyzers Engine Exhaust
Steel Making Analyzers Portable Gas Analyzers Continuous Gas Analyzers Hazardous Area Gas Analyzers